Friday project: headboard innovation

IMG_6661IMG_6664IMG_6648 IMG_6660

now that the holidays are officially over and things are beginning to fall back into routine, i was able to clean up around my bedroom.

1. things had gathered and stacked up on top of each other, providing perfect places for dust to gather. so i just had to finally get myself together and straighten thing out.

2. an aluminum bin makes the prefect organizer for all my lose ends.

3. i received this useful rosebud salve from a friend this christmas. i love it! it has so many uses and its aroma is so fresh. clicking the image will bring you to anthropologies website where you can purchase this handy little cosmetic. ✧☽

4. loving my grizzly bear! im so thrilled with how everything turned out. i love the simplicity combined with all the stellar details of this setup.